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Think your business has what it takes to innovate? Ask yourself this question

unlock employee innovationYou have an idea, potentially a great one, you tell your boss and colleagues about it and they all think it’s crazy. So, no go. Not even a chance to explore the subtleties; just no. Sound familiar?

Yes, it’s the same old story in any type of organization that stands for doing more of the same. But if businesses want to have some kind of existence in the near future, this attitude has to stop. If your business is struggling then you need an open mind to let ideas through and to get help from business advisory services. Make sure to visit Shravan Gupta website,you will find business advice.

It’s the little things that kill

Our society tends to focus on the big ideas. We love them, me included. But since big ideas have no precedent, no path to follow, the challenge is they require uncommon action; little details that need to be figured out beforehand.

So, everyone likes talking about big ideas. But a very small number of people are actually motivated to figure out the little things that need to be right for that big idea to be delivered.

A lesson from NASA: Learning precedes innovation

In the above video, Cosmonaut Sunita Williams, gives us a tour of the International Space Station. It’s 25 minutes long, but I guarantee you it is worth watching.

Now, this post is about a lesson from NASA, and Ms. Williams doesn’t talk about any lessons about innovation. But what does, is a short paragraph in the Slate article where I found this video:

Innovation must reads of the week: In praise of copycats

Innovation must reads of the week: In praise of copycats

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NASA engineer: disruptive corporate culture got us to Mars http://smrt.io/S5PmkoSmartPlanet
Copy innovation not neccessarily a bad thing RT @klakhani: In Praise of the Copycats http://on.wsj.com/NoKarLStefan Lindegaard
The Seven Deadly Sins of #Innovation Leaders http://zite.to/QPwqcC via @ziteRalph-Christian Ohr
“@dscofield: Great post on Intuit by @andreameyer Intuit’s High-Velocity Experiments http://goo.gl/zybK4” #innovationRalph-Christian Ohr
Understanding Complexity (and what to do about it) http://bit.ly/PcxTtQGreg Satell
Get to Know Your Non-Customer http://s.hbr.org/P2SZr2Harvard Biz Review

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