Customers Don’t Buy Technology, They Buy Better Lives

Technology, it’s sexy. It gets all the attention, even from non-technologists. Innovation is often confused with technology, as it’s what people see; technology itself is not innovation, rather the outcomes is enables. The mistake aspiring technologists make when pitching their ideas is confusing features with benefits.

A feature is what your product does; a benefit is what the customer can do with your product. So, ask yourself: What are enabling people to do that they couldn’t do before? What capability are we unlocking that make people better of than before?

You’re not selling the technology. You’re not selling the product itself; you’re selling a superpower. You are selling the outcome of using your product.

People Don’t Buy Products–They Buy Better Versions Of Themselves

When we started Netek, my emotion AI startup, we had a very hard time defining what exactly we were enabling because the technology is so captivating. It was until we started experimenting with it, talking about it, sharing insights, that we became more aware of its true power: to make us more aware of both our emotions, and others.

The technology, nowadays, is being used for anything other than that.

Anyway, the true power of technology is unlocked when it impacts a person’s life that they can do something they couldn’t before; it leaves them better of. Watch the video below, I’m sure it will hit your feelings just as it did to me:

Bottom line: People don’t buy products. They buy better versions of themselves.