The Ultimate Guide For Category Differentiation: The 8 Category Levers

Most businesses exist in the trap of better, which is a race to commoditization; more of the same. There are no shortage of books, blog posts and articles on how to differentiate a business. There really isn’t a surefire guide on how to achieve game-changing differentiation, but there are principles. How can you differentiate your business?

There are many ways a business can differentiate itself, the most powerful being the business model. But business model innovation is rare, and usually results in the disruption of the status quo; think of AirBnb, for example, who created a new category and changed the game. A more common approach to differentiation is playing around with the components of a business model: value proposition, pricing, customer segments, marketing channels, revenue model, ways of partnering.

Below is an infographic, created by Category Pirates, The Ultimate Guide For Category Differentiation where they summarize 8 levers your business can use to create category differentiation. Check it out!

The 8 Category Levers For Category Differentiation

  1. Radically different benefit (for a radically different problem)
  2. Radically different brand
  3. Radically different experience
  4. Radically different price
  5. Radically different manufacturing
  6. Radically different distribution
  7. Radically different marketing
  8. Radically different profit model

The Ultimate Guide For Category Differentiation

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