Leaders Who Never Make Mistakes Aren’t Worth Following

Innovation is another key word for leadership; and one of the key enemies of innovation is fear of failure. So fear of failure is a sign of lack of leadership.

Charisma, being likeable, doesn’t make someone a leader. What does? Courage. Leaders do what others are unwilling to do in the face of challenges; and they understand that mistakes will be made along the way. They don’t choose to be courageous because the path will be easy, but because they and the organizations will grow as people.

In traditionally run organizations, the ones that operate to preserve the status quo, a leader’s job is to minimize mistakes; because mistakes cost money. The people who choose to work for these organizations, and their leaders, are killing their personal growth.

Let me put it more clear for you: your personal development is at stake if your boss never makes mistakes.

Know why? Because all employees make mistakes. And great leaders encourage them to. It’s simple: Mistakes are necessary for progress.

The best leaders make mistakes, they embrace being bold and understand that doing so leads to mistakes. They don’t shy away from them, they seek them. If we aren’t making mistakes, then we likely aren’t trying enough new things. Great leaders allow their people the freedom to make mistakes.

Bottom line: If you enjoy challenges and growing as a person, leaders who never make mistakes aren’t worth following; and neither are the organizations they run.