The Most Important Factors For Startup Success

We’ve all, of course, read about the spectacular success of startups. It’s impossible to escape the amazing tales of people starting with an idea in a garage (think Apple) and growing it into a billion-dollar global business. But a startup isn’t as easy as those well-known stories might have you think. There’s a little bit of luck and a whole lot of other influences at play.

For starters, the market has to be ready to accept and be excited about whatever you’ve decided to offer. If the market isn’t ready, then the best ideas in the world won’t have any effect. And while a startup begins with a great idea, it won’t go anywhere (except the walls of your garage) unless you’re able to find the right people to help you put something sketched out on paper into practice. What else does it involve? This graphic offers some insights.

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The Most Important Factors for Startup Success

Via Salesforce

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