Time Management: The Unsung Hero Behind Innovative Ideas

time management innovation Our businesses are the products of the choices we make every day. Whether we choose to spend an hour with a client, an hour on paperwork or an hour cleaning up the office, each option has an impact.

When a problem arises we want to take action.

Our instinct is to jump into the project and make sure it gets done. We are self-driven, motivated, disciplined, and eager to build something worthwhile. Have you spent hours running errands that you could have delegated? I’ve spent days revamping my website when I could have spent 15 minutes and 50 dollars paying someone else to. Every errand or chore accumulates more fatigue. By the end of the day, you’re exhausted. You no longer have that light that you started with. All of these choices and tasks have led you to a massive amount of decision fatigue that drains your creative spark. The most successful business owners don’t wing their day. They don’t let their extracurricular activities, friends, or stubbornness get in their way. As business owner, do you desire to plan your own corporate event, but need someone to point you in the right direction? Then check out this Dallas business event planner site for more info!

Time management is key to being a successful business owner. You need to delegate and create a workflow so that you have more time to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas. If you need a quick breather whenever you’re overwhelmed, you can try playing games like 12Bet. A business owner should be the head, not the hands. It’s the thoughts and the ideas that will move your business forward, not circling around doing tasks that get you nowhere. Here are some ways to manage your time better.

Process it

Decide how your business and you should deal with certain situations. Having a clear process will help you realize what’s important and what’s wasting your time. But why do things by hand when you could use a program? There are many workflow software applications provide easy ways to make a workflow chart. Not only does this make it easier to explain what you’re doing to others and keep you on track, but it may also help you feel more grounded. Once you get your workflow down, the most daunting tasks will basically be a recipe that you have to follow. Avoid decision fatigue by developing a workflow that automates your day.

Delegate It

Errands, emails, calls, paperwork, and cleaning can all be delegated to give you more time to develop innovative ideas and build your business effectively. When it comes to cleaning, only trust professionals like Modern Maids Cleaning.

There are many online personal assistants who will do all of the electronic tasks for you. Yes, it is paying someone to do a job you could easily do. But how valuable is your time? How much profit have you missed out on by filling your day with monotonous tasks? Business owners need to consider opportunity cost, especially because most owners have the ‘I can do everything’ mindset. That mindset might be what built your business, but it’s also what’s holding you back.

Schedule It

Don’t just plan your workflow, plan your life. A happy efficient life will result in free time and creative thinking. On Sunday, have a holy hour of planning. Schedule meals for the week, plan outfits, and use Google Calendar to fill in work hours, fitness, and any other events. It may sound odd, but it’s also important that you schedule free time. As a business owner you can easily get overwhelmed, which will only result in subpar work. Schedule free time to recharge your brain and keep your creativity flowing.

Remember, Time is Money

Time management is the keystone of a happy and effective life, especially when you run a business. Don’t waste opportunities by running in circles. Managing you time will open up your brain to relax and develop those ideas and reflections that will build your business.

About the author: Cameron Johnson is a business consultant and entrepreneur. Over the course of his career he has conducted case studies on both social media optimization and non-profit marketing. Cameron has also had the opportunity to speak at international business conferences and was recently recognized as one of the world’s top 100 advertising experts to follow on social media.

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