How Does Playing Video Games *Actually* Affect Your Brain And Well-Being?

how do video games affect the brain

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When my mom bought me the Nintendo entertainment system including the Playstation 4 controller my life changed. I was instantly hooked. My mom would always tease me that video games make you stupid, because I’d spend hours and hours playing ignoring anything else going on.

She wasn’t alone in her belief, as most people believe video games have negative effects on us.

I’ve always believed video games and rolet online games have some brain enhancing benefits. Anyone who plays video games likes the entertainment aspect of them, but what we really like is how they enable us to get into a state of flow. If you have decided to buy Lol Accounts, you have the best choice to buy which is Follow three simple steps to open an account and get instant access. To know more visit unrankedsmurfs now!

Flow is a very positive state of mind, where you’re fully immersed in what you’re doing. This is one of the reasons that I believe video games and casino games at should be used in education to enhance learning; because they’re a medium that immerses people. 

Video games have a bad reputation, along with hijacking our attention, that they can drive negative emotions in people. But studies conducted to understand how video games affect us don’t confirm this assumption.

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Rather, playing video games have various cognitive benefits:

  • Improve perception;
  • Improve ability to focus;
  • Improve hand eye-coordination;
  • Improve problem solving capacity;
  • Improve memory;
  • Help people relax, feel better, and trigger emotional positive reactions.

Wired magazine seeked to find out how video games affect our brains, by testing the brain of a gamer versus non-gamer to find out:

The main question that still needs further study is whether these benefits transfer over to other parts of our lives.

People that play slots not registered with gamstop tend to develop brain areas that other games don’t. When you are gambling you need to think quickly about all the possibilities and be emotionally strong.

I think there’s nuance to the question, because there are many types of games. Playing in arcades like the best arcades in toronto can help people to socialize and take time to have fun. The ones explored in the video above are mainly shooters, which focus on perception and hard eye-coordination. Other games like RPG’s and card games at a live casino singapore can help people become more strategic thinkers. And games like Sims teach people project management skills and economics; among other things. And games like World of Warcraft teach people leadership and collaboration skills.

Rather than focus on the negative side of gaming, let’s ask ourselves: how might we make video games more useful for people, not just entertaining?

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