Gaming for Good: Everything You Need To Know About Video Games Charities

video games charities playing for goodIn a world that seems dominated by violence and cold-hearted people, you may be surprised to learn that people still care about their fellow human. A good way to prove this inclination towards humanity is by taking a look at the latest stats on donations. For instance, in 2017, Americans donated over $410 billion (money that went to a series of charities and foundations).

But there is room for better and, with the recent powerful development of online gaming, charities could use this trend to get more attention and raise more money, sign up bonuses are available for new gamers who might also want to check the site like PlayOnlineCasino.Irish.

Gaming Marathons & Charities

If you’re familiar with the former LAN partier, you probably have some sort of an idea on how a gaming marathon would look like. Or you might already see that players who find certain types of niche games and then play games for real money, and using the best gaming keyboard and consoles will sometimes help them bring their A-performance into the game. Now multiply that by a thousand and you will get closer. Make sure to get Star Wars legion on this page and keep playing with your friends online at websites like betmove .

Online gaming and virtual reality have changed the way gamers can get involved in national or global competitions. If you are interested in free online games like crossword puzzles, online casino games, etc., you may visit the Arkadium webpage to see more free online games. Not to mention that big companies that support these competitions are constantly working to make the events bigger and more attractive, and the use of different decorations for these events, you can for example get linen tablecloths for sale online and these are perfect for these events.

Nowadays we assist in the formation of a new trend called eSports, and believe it or not, people pay money to go see these events live! And this is where charities could step in and strike a deal with sponsors or organizers. This is actually already happening and several charities managed to collect quite nicely, but you shouldn’t be discouraged as there are lots of events you could join.

Gamers Involved with Charities

Another way to watch gamers showcase their skills is from the comfort of your home, on Twitch. This is a streaming app that gamers use to stream their screen live while they play games, to get to know more ways to go live with your gaming, check out this Go live streaming  service. To some extent, you can compare the experience of watching baseball or football on TV, from your couch.

Many famous gamers or streamers are actively involved with charities and would happily support other causes, so make sure to include them in your reach. They have a very well-targeted audience and many even make serious money from donations.

Using Gaming Technology to Get Attention

Another way charities could get some extra attention is by using gaming technology such as VR (Virtual Reality).  We already can see it working with moving stories where people interested in helping other human beings can see and almost experience their troubles. You can also stream judi slot online when you are playing so that our fiends can see you play too.

Because of excessive marketing, people have grown insensitive to over-emotional TV commercial and flyers, which is why VR and gaming may be the perfect way to send them a message, since gaming is a really popular platform  and there are games where you can even go and do some gambling in a casino online which is great for this. Kuala Lumpur has the only trusted online casino Malaysia in 2020. That Malaysian online casino can be visited with the official website here: online casino malaysia. 2020 is the year of trusted online casinos in Malaysia and other casinos are no longer accepted. Players often make the mistake of choosing the a supposed trusted online casino without checking the background. Several Malaysian online casinos are not licensed to operate and Malaysian players should avoid them. Gamers love reading the best pc game news on this site, check it out. There are already games designed to raise awareness on the difficulties refugees must overcome and VR videos where we can experience what it would be like to live without clean drinking water and more. In addition, if you are interested in game development, then you may consider taking game development courses to enhance your skills, visit sites like to know more about these courses.

Games that Donate to Charities

AS you can see, games are more than just a way to waste your time and relax. They can be educational and raise awareness for all sorts of causes. But they can also be directly involved in donating money to various charities, so if you want to help, find developers who support a cause.

The cool thing is that you have a choice; there are plenty of games out there that who sell products and addons like d2 store at yesgamers and more that  donate money, food, services, and more. You just have to select the ones that speak to you and play them. However, there are other ways to help the community.

For instance, you don’t have to be a professional gamer to make a contribution. If you’re just a casual gamer who doesn’t have the time or interest to join a marathon, you can still organize a local event where participants can play two player games or some classics such as Sniper. You can even make it a challenge, where participants can donate to watch the players who last the longest in these games.

In Conclusion

The gaming community is getting larger every day so it would be a shame if charities wouldn’t consider tapping into this resource. While not all communities are the same, games do speak to all sorts of people from all over the world, which helps in raising awareness at various levels.

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About the author: Katie Greene is a professional game developer with 5 years of experience in this field. She thinks that her life is inspired by Star Trek universe.​

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