Being A Creative Generalist

Being a Creative Generalist jorge barba

James Taylor, who hosts a very popular podcast about creativity and innovation interviewed me recently. We talked about Being a Creative Generalist, which is a topic I’m excited and advocate about. As both a Generalist and advocate of Generalists, I’ve written about this topic quite often because it’s very important to me that people nurture their ability to reinvent themselves and thus develop their full potential.

Our conversation spanned various other topics related to creativity and innovation, as well as stuff I’m currently working on:

  • Drones and Artificial Intelligence
  • Managing Innovation
  • Startup Culture in Mexico
  • Entrepreneurship in Tijuana
  • Cross-Border Collaboration
  • Startup Chile
  • Lessons from Fred Smith of FEDEX
  • The Idea Box
  • Being A Creative Generalist
  • Specialization Has An Expiry Date
  • Society of Creative Generalists
  • Elon Must As A Generalist
  • Hybrid Vines
  • Michael Jordan Booklet

I had a great time with James, he asked me some questions I’ve not been asked before. I highly recommend you subscribe and listen to his podcast, check it out!

Listen to our chat below, enjoy!