Arnold Beekes On Being A Generalist

the rise of the generalistOn this week’s episode we chat with my friend, and fellow Generalist, Arnold Beekes about being a Generalist and how to thrive in a society full of specialists. We need to cultivate more curiosity in people!

I came to use the word “Generalist” after knowing Arnold, and have previously written about it at length (here, here, here, here).

The benefit of cultivating a Generalist mindset is huge, and is widely considered a trait of innovators because new problems require new perspectives and approaches. The best leaders are pattern thinkers because they are always learning, that is what a Generalist brings to the table: an ability to connect the dots in new ways.

About Arnold Beekes

Arnold has special interests in: Start-ups, Innovation, Sustainable Development, and Learning for the 21st century. He is currently the CEO of TheNewABC: Lifestyle Designers for thriving in the Connection Age. He is a Generalist.

Arnold is the author of two books: ‘The ProPer Organisation’and ‘Why Leaders Need Generalists’. He has also designed a MOOC: How to be a Young Innovator.

Connect with Arnold on Twitter to have your mind blown, as well as get updated on when he’ll release his Generalist book.

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