Delta Innovation Class: a case of making the common uncommon

delta innovation class

The Delta Innovation Class is a unique initiative where leaders and professionals in various fields share knowledge and skills with up-and-coming innovators and doers in a mentoring program that takes place at 35,000 feet.

Many interesting conversations happen inside civilian airplanes, and many influential people spend a good amount of their time on these flights. Delta recognized this opportunity and, in a partnership with LinkedIn, created this mentoring program to connect influencers with innovators.

This is a case of “making the common uncommon“: take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.

By reframing their “what”, Delta isn’t changing how we look at their product, it’s changing how we perceive it. And given how “the age of the entrepreneur” is alive and well, it is an initiative that will appeal to many people and help position Delta as the airline for innovators.

Whether you are a competing airline, or any other type of business, you too can reframe your business. Ask yourself: how can we reframe our existing product or service so that we attract new customers?