What is the most productive innovation methodology?

what is the most productive innovation methodology

This is a question I get a lot. Just like there is no shortage of creativity techniques, there are many innovation methodologies. For me, there isn’t one single way. Just like there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” strategy that every company can plug and play onto itself. I think that just like every person/company should have their own reason for existing, they should come up with their own way on how to stay relevant.

For example, Intuit, came up with their own innovation methodology. It was crafted from their own values and reasons for doing what they do and why they do it. Here is their how:

Of course, not everyone is Apple, Intuit, Google, Amazon, 3M, IBM or any company you consider innovative. So, this takes us back to the initial question.

If I were to recommend a specific place to start, for me, the best book about innovation methodology is Disrupt by Luke Williams. Based on design thinking and a few useful creativity techniques, it is an intuitive way to innovate. Intuitive because anyone can easily do it. No jargon.

But, before jumping into any specific innovation methodology, I advise you to understand the various reasons why innovation is inhibited in the first place, and then focus on creating the conditions for it to take place organically. Focusing on creating the conditions for innovation to take place, is the best investment of time you can make.

With that said, for me, the next question is: how do you innovate how you innovate?

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