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Hello my friend, welcome to the Game-Changer! A blog about innovation, new ideas and how the world is changing. I’m your host Jorge Barba, an Innovation Insurgent. You’re here because you’re interested in being or becoming a Game-Changer in everything you do. Let’s do it!

I’m CEO of Netek and I’m also the President of the Baja California Innovation Cluster.

I also work with startups and corporations. Need help reinventing your innovation capability, developing new growth platforms and revenue streams?

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Creativity, entrepreneurship, Greatness, Leadership, Psychology

Building a Champion Mindset: The Power of a Confident Self-Image

What do Lebron James, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Jack Nicklaus, and Michael Jordan have in common? They are considered to be the best at what they do. How did they do that? Attitude, talent, discipline, and consistency; are the usual suspects. But you know what separates them from the rest? Their mindset, how they think, enables them to operate at peak performance.