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Question everything to break out of habitual thinking

big pinata at Mi Pueblo Restaurant in TIjuana

Innovation comes from new ways of seeing and new ways of being. Learn to see different, learn to be different, and you will discover the different.

Though Tijuana has to come to be known as a place where you’ll find great food, I don’t think that is the case. For example, take a stroll through West Los Angeles and you are bound to find more food variety and differentiated restaurants than in Tijuana. Same goes for San Diego. Yes Tijuana has great food, but it’s not like you can’t find it anywhere else.

This weekend I had lunch at a very colorful traditional mexican food restaurant in Tijuana. The inside of the restaurant is themed as a city and it has the biggest Pinata I’ve ever seen in my life!

Why culture matters

Last week I was dinning at an Italian restaurant with my family. Our waiter was very courteous, by pure observation I could tell he stood out from the rest of the waiters in that restaurant. Two days later I dined at a ‘similar’ Italian restaurant with a few friends, and to my surprise got served by the same waiter that served me days earlier at the other restaurant.

What gives?

Creative stretching

One of the challenges of proposing and then implementing new ideas is the resistance that comes from the success that a business already has. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Wrong!

We are working with Villa Marina, a popular and growing seafood restaurant in Tijuana, on creating a memorable brand experience in the restaurant.

The goal is simple: create word of mouth.

There are plenty of ways to create word of mouth. The way Villa Marina has created word of mouth for themselves is by their attention to detail, one of their founders is the Chief Detail Officer, because everything looks great. From the waiters, the tables, the plates, the restrooms, everything screams ‘freshness’. In a city where people are not that spoiled, this strategy works. But, the problem is that anyone else can copy it in a week.