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Innovation posts of the week: Secret to innovation is imitation

Steve Denning on Lean Startups - Part 1 and Part 2 Quantity vs. Quality in Collaborations - HBR State of the Art Innovation Management - MIT Sloan Management Review - via @ralph_ohr Would You Rather be Revolutionary or Evolutionary? - … [Read more]

Be gone with categorization

[blackbirdpie url="!/jorgebarba/status/72767066175848448"] This was in response to @marihuertas, who also thinks there's no such thing as social media experts. Recently I fell into the categorization trap... We are doing … [Read more]

Strategy book review: Killing Giants by @note_to_cmo

As someone who not just enjoys reading but also practicing strategic thinking, I just had to read Killing Giants by Stephen Denny. Most startup advice tells us to not worry about the competition. To not set out to kill the giant in the industry. … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: An Iterative Approach to Innovation Strategy

Six Creative Ways to Persuade Your Team to Implement Your Innovation An Iterative Approach to Innovation Strategy via @ralph_ohr How to Use Networks to Spread Ideas by @timkastelle Four Simple Low Resolution Innovation Tests - HBR The … [Read more]

Lessons from a crowdsourcing experiment

One of the great things about social media is that it gives organizations the capability (if they choose to) and advantage of co-creating new products and services with their customers. About two years ago I persuaded a client to experiment with … [Read more]

Customer service matters as much as innovation

This past week I read two amazing customer service stories. First, there's Sarah Green's story on how she left her friends house keys with an Amtrak employee because she forgot to deliver them herself before she left for Boston. The Amtrak employee … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Choking the innovation funnel

The Challenges of Real Change Required by Innovation Consultants by @paul4innovating Is it true that a relaxed mind is more creative? by @jabaldaia Choking The Innovation Funnel by @jhenning The Seven Deadly Sins That Choke Out Innovation - … [Read more]