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Guestology: How Disney anticipates guests needs

Spotted this question at Disney Institute's Facebook Fan page: Here's more in-depth look at how Guestology works: The power or the Disney Magic comes from knowing customers and looking beyond the words being used to figure out how to exceed … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: Age of Disruption?

Is Innovation Too Messy To Be Managed And Taught? Hardly - FastCo Design The Truth: Creativity Comes From Blending Dissonant Goals Into Radical Harmony - FastCo Design Are You Learning as Fast as the World Is Changing? - HBR Truthtellers by … [Read more]

MBA in Curiosity

Last month I got invited to be part of a small group of Businessmen/Entrepreneurs/Consultants/CEO's that meet once per month to talk about technology and innovation. We're calling it Mix 2.0 for some reason. Our first meeting was Wednesday. We met … [Read more]

3 cognitive limits we must overcome to think differently

Expertise is the enemy of innovation right? Yes, but even experts can think differently. And, there's much to learn from them on how they are able to overcome their 'know-it-all' tendencies. Indeed, research into expertise and expert performance … [Read more]

Why creating new categories is so successful

Creating a new category. The Holy Grail of Innovation. The Holy Grail of entrepreneurs. It's when you can create a new category that you command the skies. Think of the iPad. Is it a new category? It is. But not because people think it is, but … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: The Genius behind “Genius Lunches”

Flipping Orthodoxies: Overcoming Insidious Obstacles to Innovation - Monitor The Surprising Benefits of Solitude - HBR What is the definition of "innovation"? by @ovoinnovation How Apple Disrupts Markets and then Goes on to Dominate by … [Read more]

How are you over-delivering?

It's a well known principle: Under promise. Over-deliver. But it's far from common to see it actually applied. I have a client who just expanded it's business to Tijuana. They are in 3 other states within Mexico and they've grown quite fast for … [Read more]