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Customers will replace R&D as the main source of new ideas

According to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, titled The next decade of Technology in Business,  business leaders believe their companies customers will replace R&D as the main source of new product and service ideas by 2020. … [Read more]

Innovation and Diversity

This is a guest post by Dr. Ralph Ohr. Dr. Ohr has extensive experience in product/innovation management for international technology-based companies. His particular interest is targeted at the intersection of organizational and human innovation … [Read more]

Creativity comes in twos

Two familiars make one unfamiliar. For example: Magicians + iPads = One awesome presentation. Watch the video below and see for yourself :) … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: The Breakthrough Bias

The next decade of technology in business - Economist Intelligence Unit Report Beating the Odds When You Launch a New Venture - Innosight 4 Reasons Companies Are Timid About Investing In "Big" Innovations - Fast Company The Breakthrough Bias by … [Read more]

Can you create value if you’re not curious?

Not as far as I'm concerned. For as long as I can remember it's always dawned on me that late adopters are not innovative. I mean, how could they be if they are not curious. I know, I know. Sometimes being late to the game is great. There are … [Read more]

Startup Weekend is coming to Tijuana

That's right. For the first time ever, Startup Weekend is coming to Tijuana. Along with three of my friends, I'm organizing this monster of an opportunity to create a startup idea in 54 hours. It will be fast and extremely fun. For those of you … [Read more]

Chief Error Generation Officer

Boss as CEGO-Chief Error Generation Officer. People learn ONLY from screwup-and-adjustment cycle; your role is to accelerate the process. — Tom Peters (@tom_peters) March 18, 2012 Awesome tweet by Tom Peters. It reminded me of the movie K-19 … [Read more]