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Who’s on your Most Wanted Client List?

This is a shout out for B2B companies. The F.B.I. has the list of the 10 Most Wanted Criminals in the World. What if professional services companies had their own 10 Most Wanted Customer List? Heck, why don't you have one already? Who do you … [Read more]

What are you doing to escape old ideas?

"The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones." - Keynes Coming up with new ideas is a piece of cake. But escaping the pull of the tried and true is the difference between staying releant or not. Old ideas are like … [Read more]

What 7 calls to GoDaddy can teach you about Innovation

For the last two days I've been transferring my blogs/websites from Blue Host to GoDaddy. My blog has been down since Sunday night and I just got it to work 15 minutes ago. Incredible isn't it? I'm writing this because I called GoDaddy a grand … [Read more]

Innovation from Tijuana: Interview with Ximena Valero

I will be starting a series of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs from Tijuana, and will post one per week. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did. This is the first one. Reversible/Transformable Fashion by Ximena Valero Here is a short … [Read more]

A sneaky way to unearth innovation opportunities

Look beyond the obvious right? Ok, here's a very sneaky way to do that and unearth innovation opportunities. From the Businessweek article on Hybrids getting competition from plain old cars in gas mileage: “I was surprised to see that cars like … [Read more]

When employees do not feel understood they resist change

Here's an ongoing problem: When leadership tries to implement change within an organization, the biggest objection from employees usually is: "You don't understand my situation." What this statement really means is: "You do not know my job. You do … [Read more]

Innovation must reads of the week: How to reduce innovation risk

Anti-innovation: 10 Proven Ways Not to Innovate - Forbes How to reduce innovation risk  by @ovoinnovation 3 Ways To Predict What Consumers Want Before They Know It - FastCoDesign Innovation Hell: Saving Good Ideas From Premature Death - Fast … [Read more]