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What F.B.I. Agent Ali Soufan can teach you about innovation

As someone who at some point thought about choosing between becoming a spy or a Navy SEAL, I couldn't hold myself back from not reading Ali Soufan's The Black Banners: The Inside Story about 9/11 and the War Against Al-Qaeda. Ali Soufan was the … [Read more]

Are you giving away too many ideas?

Should you give away ideas to potential clients before making a deal? Ideas are a dime a dozen and coming up with them is really easy. Sometimes too easy. And as someone who is in 'ideation mode' all the time, I freely give them away to potential … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Breakthrough’s don’t pay

Clay Christensen: 5 observations on innovation - SmartPlanet Want To Upend An Entire Industry? Change Its Revenue Stream - FastCo Design Five Reasons Companies Fail at Business Model Innovation¬† by @skap5 Breakthroughs Don't Pay: Excerpt from … [Read more]

PlayStation’s Immortalization Strategy leverage’s social media’s strenght

This gave me Goose Bumps! No really it did. That's because I'm a gamer and loyal PlayStation owner. I empathized with this video immediately. I know almost every single character in that trailer and it gave me goose bumps watching them all … [Read more]

Innovation posts of the week: Creative bias: A threat to corporate innovation

Innovating in a Culture of Convergence - INC Magazine The Rise of Customer-Driven Innovation - Mashable Logic+Emotion: How To Innovate In Spite of Innovation by @armano The DNA of Innovation Leaders - Innovation Excellence Planning and vision … [Read more]

Is innovation really going to save the economy?

First of all, I'm not even sure what we want out of innovation. If we take what we see out there as a signal, then we sure aren't innovating anything. It's gotten to that point where the word innovation is anything but meaningful. Were in the … [Read more]

Ideas trump hierarchy

Yesterday I was having lunch with a buddy of mine who is looking to create a startup incubator in Tijuana. I told him that it seems to me that everyone wants to start an incubator nowadays as a good excuse for stimulating the economy. But more … [Read more]