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A signal that you won’t ever innovate

jose and edwin at the magic behind the magic the process of animation

Last weekend my company, Blu Maya, held a small conference at our office building. The theme of the conference was the process of animation. The event was great, but it could have been even better. Here’s why…

One thing that stood out for me the most, was how most people don’t go to conferences/talks unless it is about their core topic of interest. This is not new, I was expecting this human dynamic to happen. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so obvious.

For example, if I invited a non-animator/artist to the conference and asked them if they were coming, it was normal to hear them say: No, because I’m not an animator.


Others thought that animation means drawing cartoons. And therein lies the challenge with developing a culture where everyone innovates. If you don’t breakout, you won’t grow. Sure, specializing deeply in one topic is gratifying. But even most people don’t dig deep into a topic and reach a level of mastery. So this is asking too much.

Because creative ideas are born at the intersection of other ideas, you need to develop fluid intelligence to innovate and remain relevant. And, the only way to do that is to develop as many skills as possible. These ideas will not flow from your mind if you hang around the same old box. Go out there and seek new knowledge.

Here’s another way to look at it, do you think every activity we do can be approached creatively? If you answer yes, then you surely want to know everything there is about the creative process. Including how people outside your core topic solve problems creatively.

For most people, this is asking too much. And here’s why:

your brain is not your friend

That’s right, you have to fight your brain’s tendency to take shortcuts. It is best you become aware of how the brain works and not take it for granted. That way you are prepared to “shock and awe” it. Go ahead, take a chance. Surprise yourself. You might find something you thought you weren’t looking for by attending a different type of conference, reading an unknown book or talking to someone you are indifferent to.

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From Script to End: The Process of Animation

The process of animation by Walt Disney Studios and The Simpson

Blu Maya and IOS Offices is proud to bring you two pioneers in the art of animation for the first time together on one stage to show and talk to you about how they do it: Walt Disney Studios and The Simpsons.

I’m proud to say that this is the first time an event like this, where two different animation companies collaborate in a workshop, is held. If you are at all interested in the act of creation, this is a must-attend event where you will learn the whole process of animation. Including how to pitch the studios.