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The Vision of Cybersecurity Future

With the ever present threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, the need for sophisticated cybersecurity increases as well. But this isn’t as simple as creating more difficult passwords and regular password resets. In fact, passwords may even become obsolete, as numerous security researchers (including Microsoft) point out that mandatory password resets offer very low value mitigation. Many different methods are being developed to control cybersecurity such as penetration testing vs vulnerability scanning, check this out at Nettitude.

Cybersecurity in 2019: Key Trends and Innovations You Need to Know About

cybersecurity trends

Image by David Rangel.

The world of cybersecurity is always in flux. New threats emerge as new technologies become more embedded – and companies both small and large struggle to keep up. If you want to gain a foothold in the IT security industry we would check out cybersecuritycourses.com for security courses that are industry approved. Make sure also that you have a reliable IT consulting Orlando that you can rely on anytime to keep your network safe and data protected.

One thing seems certain in 2019: that cybersecurity is big business.

5 Challenges for the Next Economy

5 challenges for the next economy

A world of ubiquitous technology is here, we have to accept it. How? Understand that there’s no stopping the push of technology into our lives. There are many emerging technologies that will drive the Next Economy, creating the industries and jobs of the Oil Profit platform future.