Cybersecurity in 2019: Key Trends and Innovations You Need to Know About

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The world of cybersecurity is always in flux. New threats emerge as new technologies become more embedded – and companies both small and large struggle to keep up. If you want to gain a foothold in the IT security industry we would check out for security courses that are industry approved. Make sure also that you have a reliable IT consulting Orlando that you can rely on anytime to keep your network safe and data protected.

One thing seems certain in 2019: that cybersecurity is big business.

With some very high profile attacks over the past couple of years (like WannaCry in May 2017, and cryptojacking malware affecting governments’ websites around the world in February 2018), protecting your website – one of your company’s most crucial assets – is crucial. That’s why it would be wise for you to pop over to this web-site.

So what can you expect to see in 2019?

#1: Better Investment in Cyber Protection

First, businesses will be increasingly carrying out audits of their existing systems, and investing in stronger and better cyber protection like visitor tracking software to deal with the threats that they know lie ahead. If your company will be migrating your business data to the cloud, you may need the services of a data management solutions provider like Privacera.

If this is something you need to address, do so as soon as possible. If you’re not sure where to begin looking, CyberArk Software and Cisco were some of the best rated cybersecurity companies of 2018. You can protect sensitive assets with 24/7 MDR services from Alert Logic, protecting across your organization and delivering unrivaled security value. You can hire, they provide a continuous monitoring and response service on malware defense, anomaly behaviour and vulnerability management to effectively resist attacks against your critical assets.

#2: More Focus on the Internet of Things

You might have solid protection in place on your computer or even your phone … but what about other devices that connect to your company’s IT systems?

Take printers, for instance. They’re constantly connected – and, often, dismayingly easy to hack. In 2019, business will become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by unsecured devices (and if they don’t … well, we’ll no doubt see the consequences). This is why managed IT services like the ones at are important to businesses today.

#3: Old Data Breaches Will Become Known

SecureAuth predicts that “ancient breaches will increasingly come to light” in 2019, explaining that:

“In general, it takes roughly 100 days from the time a breach occurs to evidence of the attack being detected […] As organisations adopt machine learning based advanced analytics and security orchestration and automation (SOAR) technology, the mean time to detection will fall and more breaches that are greater than 100 days old [will be detected].”

This means that, even if your cybersecurity is rock solid now, it’s well worth having a plan in place for dealing with data breaches … just in case you have to face the horror of an old breach suddenly becoming apparent. MORE protection for your business is much needed. Protect your services and data. Look for Venyu data protection services and some similar sites for details.

#4: Ransomware Will – Probably – Still be a Huge Issue

While experts are divided on the issue of ransomware, with some believing that instances will decline and others suggesting that “Hackers find ransomware incredibly lucrative and will continue to stick their hands out for money in the form of cryptocurrency.” At this point, it is crucial to ensure that crypto referral code shared and received are credible.

One thing’s certain: as long as ransomware continues to work, it’ll continue to exist. Make sure your business has appropriate protection and plans in place so that, in the event of a ransomware attack, you can avoid having to pay anything out to hackers.

#5: Cyber Insurance Will Become Even More Popular

Your business is (hopefully!) fully insured against flood and fire – but what about insurance against cyber attacks? Cyber insurance is a growing area, and not just for large businesses. Smaller companies are now looking for cyber liability insurance services because they’re required by their contracts with larger companies. For example, if you own a cannabis business, you may consider having a Cannabis cyber liabilities insurance policy to protect your business.

As Insurance Journal explains:

“One of the ways businesses deal with risk hedging for these [data privacy] laws is via cyber insurance. While they actively try to focus on reducing the chances that leaks of this type of data may occur, they ultimately know that in the cyber landscape, anything can happen and thus insurance is key for their risk management strategy.”

Cybersecurity remains a growing – and critical – priority in 2019. If it’s not something that you’re paying sufficient attention to, now’s the time to change that. All companies, however small or large, need robust security set in place by a cyber security company, and detailed plans of action for dealing with any issues that arise.

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