It’s The Leadership, Stupid

I’m the type who does the opposite of what I believe sucks, and I’ve experienced many types of leadership. The one type I’ve never liked is command and control. Though we’re in the year 2020 and talk about employee empowerment and collaboration in decision making, many organizations still operate by this way of “leadership”; it is expected, encouraged, it’s seen as normal, and it’s rewarded.

To me, leadership isn’t a title. It isn’t someone who mandates. It’s not command and control.

The problem with this style of leadership is that it is too authoritative, short sighted, and it almost absconds managers from mistakes. Leaders who operate with a command and control style protect the status quo, even with evidence of the contrary. When they demand something, they don’t set the example of that it is they expect.

And what they fail to understand is that for things to change, someone has to start acting differently. That’s leadership.

The leader of the future:

So, how are you setting the example?

True leaders create the context for others to be great. They help shape a culture that brings out the best in others by celebrating their best and worst times. With that said, you want things to be different? Start with leadership. Look around you. If you don’t like what you see, look in the mirror.