You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

I believe we’re all in a constant state of becoming, but only a handful of people are dictating how that happens. Everyone would like to see improvements in their life, but the difference between the ones who do and those that don’t is action. You’re responsible. That means being aware of what’s holding you back and how you’ll overcome those challenges.

With that said, one of the biggest influences in change is where we are and who we surround ourselves with. You can change both. But one is actually more impactful than the other: the people around you.

But there is an obstacle…

As humans we want to be liked. So we hang around people who are just like us. We’d rather hang around people who agree with us than those who challenge us. It’s easier and it makes us comfortable. But that’s not necessarily the best way to grow as a person, because people who are like us keep us in our comfort zone.

Remember: Where all think alike nobody thinks very much.

To break this tendency I’m always “breaking from orbit”. What this means is I’m actively scanning for the moment when the people I hang around become stale, and it’s just more of the same. So breaking from orbit means breaking away from that group and finding another one.

It’s not about being an elitist, it’s about taking responsibility for your own growth. You see, becoming better isn’t an accident. You have to think about it, plan it, practice it, track it and monitor it. And great achievements don’t happen when you keep things the same; the people who stay the same will not fuel your growth.

Ask yourself: Who do you want to become? How are you limiting your potential?

The people around you influence the answer to both questions; either negatively or positively. So surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you. People who bring out the absolute best in you. People you can learn from. The kind of people who force you to level up in everything you do.