What Could Happen in a World That’s 4 Degrees Warmer

climate change explained

Last week the U.N. released a report with not so surprising news: Earth has 12 years to avert climate change catastrophe. This isn’t surprising because it’s been widely talked about and reported for decades, and we’re feeling it; but here we are not taking it seriously.

The biggest problem for the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology; which is why humans have trouble thinking about climate change. It’s hard for people to imagine catastrophe when they’re dealing with day-to-day trivial things that cause them stress; which is why they also avoid complex news like climate change.

People just don’t believe it will affect them. But climate change is already affecting us. The main issue is viewing climate change as distant problem; but climate change is not a distant problem, it’s a today problem.

We need to change the way we talk about climate change. Which is why Wired partnered with Western Digital to create a video that shows What Could Happen in a World That’s 4 Degrees Warmer. The video shows what climate change looks like from the perspective of a person going through the day:

For such an important topic, the above video has been viewed less than 900,000 times! I have a platform (this blog) that about progress, so just like I did with plastic pollution, I implore you to share this post with your family and friends so they can see the previous video.