How Technology is Disrupting Geopolitics with Abishur Prakash

next geopolitics abishur prakashThe Next Economy will be driven by emergent technologies, bringing new possibilities for a better future along with many challenges for the world economy.

But, how is technology changing geopolitics?

To answer this question I chat with Geopolitical Futurist Abishur Prakash who recently released a book on how new technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, embryo editing, space colonization and more will transform world affairs; the book is called Next Geopolitics.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it’s a quick read. Each chapter begins with an imagined future scenario for how the use of a specific technology plays out in the world stage. It’s a look at what seems like science fiction but will soon become science fact.

I invited Abishur to talk more about these future scenarios, here are the questions:

  • What got you interested in geopolitics and the tech side of it?
  • How is technology changing geopolitics?
  • You start each chapter of your book with a future scenario. In my experience working with established companies it’s a hard sell getting them to think about and accept that technology is changing how business get done; they’re in denial. What is your experience selling the future to governments?
  • Will technology be the future gold?
  • I started following you on Twitter this year, I quickly noticed your focus on AI and robotics. How are these technologies changing countries?
  • How will countries deal with millions of jobs being automated?
  • How should governments approach AI for governance and relations with other countries?
  • What will happen when either SpaceX, NASA, or a space agency from another country sets foot on Mars and begins the process of colonization, how will we sort out who owns what territories, etc.?
  • Which technology are you most worried about? Why?
  • Which are you most excited about? Why?

Connect with Abishur on Twitter, check out his website, and buy the book!

Below is our conversation:

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