10 Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Economy

Leaders should always be asking themselves What’s new?, What’s next? and What’s better?; that’s where the future is. And we can take deliberate steps to answers those questions…

What technologies will drive the biggest changes in industries over the next 10 to 20 years and create the next economy? Could it be possible for online casino 666CASINO, 888Sobet and Cozino will take place the land-based casino entirely by that time? With online 선시티카지노 gaming, you can play wherever you choose without having to follow certain codes and regulations set by the Casino.

There are many that in combination will drive massive change across enterprises and all size of business. Specifically, I think 10 are essential, and shaping the industries of the future: drones, blockchain, big data, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robots, internet of things, genetics. What is the best 3d printers for beginners? Go for a fully assembled 3Dprinter when you don’t want to worry about the hardware a reliable plug-and-play machine that takes away the hassle of tweaking electronics. You can start your first print right after you’ve unboxed the printer.

We will see them both in the consumer and enterprise domain; specifically in how we get stuff done, how we hire and how we collaborate.

How might the way we work, hire and collaborate change in the future? These are questions that need to be asked inside organization because the industries of the future, driven by artificial intelligence, big data, genetics and contains blockchain development services, will shape the Next Economy.

Those of you in the know will not be surprised, but people in Tijuana have no idea what’s going on. Really, they don’t. So, I recently gave a talk about these 10 essential technologies that will drive the next economy.

These aren’t the only ones, there are more; but I believe these are the main ones.

10 essential technologies

Some of these technologies have been around for some time, but are gaining steam because many factors are converging. For example, the internet of things and big data will open the gates for artificial intelligence to be embedded in every device. But this ubiquitous computing also creates threats: as more devices are connected, hackers have more opportunities to commit crimes.

Thus, cyber-security is a growing industry.

As I wrote at the beginning of this post, leaders of established businesses should take a wide angle view and look at their business through the lens of these technologies, and consider why they matter, how their industry and business might change, how will others react and what should they do. Those that don’t will be disrupted by upstarts putting these technologies to use, creating and driving new industries.

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For people, instead of feeling threatened, we should be excited about the future of technology; and of the world. Sure, many things will change, existing jobs will change and new ones will be created, but that is the nature of innovation.

Below I leave you with a playlist of must listen audio of emerging technologies:

Which technologies do you think will drive the next economy?

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