Do Aspiring Movie Directors Need Hollywood To Be Successful?

the garden's keeper movieWhat do you do when you move your whole family to pursue your dream of making movies in Hollywood and it doesn’t work out? You try again…

And head back home to Mexico; more specifically Tijuana.

Doesn’t sound like a good plan, but people who persist in accomplishing their dreams always find a way. That is what my friend Adrian Pedrin did. Yes, his goal was to become a Hollywood movie Director, but Hollywood doesn’t take kindly to strangers; in other words: the Hollywood mindset sucks for independent movie directors.

You see, there are assumptions about what type of movie will work and what won’t, and anything that doesn’t fit that belief doesn’t get any attention.

So, he changed the plan. It’s hard to make a movie in general, making one in Hollywood is even harder. For example, you can’t feed the crew with the budget we had for the whole film.

I was somewhat a part of all of this, you see I was going to accompany Adrian to Hollywood to help him produce his movie; but plans change and shit gets done no matter what. I’m no movie producer, I would later act in the movie, but you figure it out when you are committed to seeing something through and learning new skills.

At this point you’re asking yourself: great story, but what’s the movie about?

The movie, The Garden’s Keeper is the new face of fear. In this action-comedy movie, zombies and aliens are taking over the world, and it’s up to a group of geeks to stop them. The Garden’s Keepers is made for zombies, aliens and geeks with a spice of Mexican.

Not Oscar worthy, I know. But, that isn’t the point. Making movies, like being an entrepreneur, is about scratching an itch and creating something you’d like to see in the world. And as any good entrepreneur, you bootstrap and hustle to make things happen. As such, big surprise, the movie was made with $750 dollars…yes, dollars.

I know what you’re thinking, yes, Adrian is now an expert on how to make cheap movies. But he’s also an expert on how to get things done no matter the obstacles.

We’re going to make movies we’d like to see in the world, Hollywood you’re invited; but we’ll be fine without you.

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