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Fast Company recently published an article about the benefits of a coworking space. From experience, I have my office in mexican coworking space IOS Offices, I can tell you it is true. Especially the part of feeling more productive. Why that is? I have no data  to back it up, only how I feel while I’m there. When I was working at home, I do not feel the sense of accomplishing something, as our home isn’t really meant to be a place for work, but to relax playing play666. I ended performing less than I did when I tried a co-working space. Maybe it is because of the excitement of going to work and I have developed a plan to give myself a proper sleep. It was difficult adjustment, and I had to resort to Modafinil from to help me focus in the day for the first two weeks in the office.

And to share that feeling of productivity, I regularly invite other entrepreneurs to work at my office at anytime. Here, I interviewed Ivan Rodriguez of startup Instapart, to get his thoughts on his experience while working there (spanish):

At IOS Offices we have everything, including a training room where I give courses to people, clients or companies. A fast (for Mexico) 20 MB internet connection courtesy of EATEL, meeting rooms and lounge areas. I’ve even held a conference there. And if I’m traveling and need an office, I have one at 9 different locations throughout Mexico, including Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cancun and of course, Tijuana. It is all really cool and it is great!

I spend a lot of time at client sites, with the typical office layouts in place. It isn’t the same as when I step into my office. Just the fact that I want to share it with anyone whom I come into contact with is an argument. I intend of keeping my company at a coworking space for as long as I can. Not so much because of the cost benefits, but because it really does feel different working at one.

If you are just starting out or have been in business for a while and is looking for cost-effective yet useful investment in an office space, I recommend a coworking space. And, if you’re looking for a coworking space to setup shop in Mexico, I recommend IOS Offices. Believe me, you will be grinning with excitement!

Still not convinced about getting a co-working space for your office? Click on the following to find out the benefits of coworking spaces.



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