To create a successful business, you sometimes have to break rules. But which ones?

Which rules should we break, but won’t bring our business down if we do? This is a question that not too many businesses ask themselves but should. The simplest answer is to kill some stupid rules, the ones that no one has questioned because “that’s just the way we do things here”; break those and you’ll spark some innovative ideas.

But, those rules are not that obvious. So, where to start? Break your industry’s bottlenecks.

From HBR:

break your industry's bottlenecks HBR

As I’ve previously advised on the topic of knowing which rules to break, to be more innovative, we have to stop doing things. In fact, we have to streamline or eliminate those barriers that are holding us back from being more innovative in the first place. We have to question the status-quo, understand that “what is” is holding us from back from “what could be”. Remember, subtract to innovate.

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