10 books about innovation I recommend you read

innovation books

Like other people who write about, consult on , and do innovation, I get asked about books a lot. There are the basics you want to read like Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Peter Drucker, The Innovator’s Solution, Crossing the Chasm and others. I tend to want to read books that have more unconventional ideas in them, as well as some practicality.

With that said, here are a few books about innovation that I recommend you read:

The Innovator's DNA

1. The Innovator’s DNAread my interview with the authors

The Innovation Killer

2. The Innovation Killer read my review

Practically Radical

3. Practically Radical by William C. Taylor

Mavericks at Work

4. Mavericks at Work by William C. Taylor


5. Disrupt by Luke Williams – read my review

Little Bets

6. Little Bets by Peter Sims – read my review


7. Demand by Adrian Slywotzky

Think Better

8. Think Better by Tim Hurson

The Little Black Book of Innovation

9 . The Little Black Book of Innovation by Scott D. Anthony

Innovation to the Core

10. Innovation to the Core by Rowan Gibson

Look beyond the obvious

The process of creating new value through innovation is a system of knowledge, and there isn’t a book that covers everything. There’s decision making, there’s human behavior, there’s communication, there’s workplace environment, there’s the external environment, and a whole other factors that you need to understand if you really want to get deep into this. Not to mention getting down in the trenches!

As added value to the books above, also read biographies about innovators and entrepreneurs, as well as books/articles about how innovative companies work.

My list could very well change in the coming year, so think of these books as ones you would keep as a reference. Next year I’ll publish other books that have influenced my thinking that don’t have innovation in the title.

One more thing: everything is connected in some way, so read about anything and everything. Not just books that have “innovation” in the title.

What books about innovation do you have on your list?


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