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What can business leaders do to ensure they are enabling and not blocking innovation?

What can business leaders do to ensure they are enabling and not blocking innovation?

Paul Hobcraft recently reviewed a couple of innovation reports. One implies that executives say that innovation is important for growth, and the other says that executives nods their heads in agreement but don’t follow through.

I’m not surprised by this. Of course, it all comes back the the beloved ROI. And, innovation outcomes, like everything else, are hard to predict. This is a classic case of analysis paralysis, and by being in this state, these leaders are blocking innovation.

If they were to commit, what would “enabling innovation” look like?

In our current interconnected and transparent world, there are a few things that immediately signal that management is enabling innovation:

Q&A: Ashley Verrill on how to get at-home workers engaged with the organization

remote workerThis is a Q&A is based on a recent article written by  Software Advice CRM Analyst Ashley Verrill about How Apple gets at-home workers to work. As you know, this is an important topic because it touches on importance of employee engagement and collaboration, which is extremely important for innovation.

The one thing any non-innovative leader can do to enable innovation

Teams working on ideas

multidisciplinary teams working on ideas

So, you’re the CEO of a company and you are not known to be innovative. What do you do?

No fear, for you are not alone.

For all the talk about the need for innovation, the truth is most CEO’s are not innovative. They are much more focused on maintaining the current narrative than on discovery. But, there is one thing they can do to walk the talk:

Get out of the way.

Even though there is a lot of literature about how to innovate, many leaders have not understood and implemented a key insight about how to create the conditions for innovation to happen. And so it is here, where they can have an immediate influence!

How to start?

Tower Infinity and the Power of the Opposition Strategy

tower infinity invisible skyscraper

Last week, South Korea announced that it will build the first ever invisible skyscraper. The proposed Tower Infinity will use cameras and LED screens to disappear. Think about that for a second…

We usually hear about countries building the next tallest skyscraper all the time, but this a break from that narrative. And that is really cool. Not only is this latest skyscraper aiming to use technology to create the appearance that it is invisible to the naked eye, it won’t even be one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

This is classic opposition strategy by GDS Architects:

Innovation lesson from Rockstar Games: Getting it right is more important than being first

grand theft auto 5

In an industry that has been declining in the last few years, Rockstar Games is always pushing boundaries. Whether it’s pushing the technological boundary of existing game consoles, utilizing storytelling, creating game mechanics that enhance game play; they’re the Christopher Nolan of the game industry and bets to be played with the Jackepticeye’s setup.