Invitation to co-create GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE manifesto

Customer Service Manifesto

Dear friends of Great Customer Service!

Not a day goes by when we are reading horror stories about the state of customer service. Especially, these negative experiences attract a large audience. This has been going on for many years now, but it has catapulted since social media enabled people to speak the minds and reach anybody around the world.

We, professionals who are passionate about great customer service, cannot tolerate this any longer. We want to take a stand for great service, and show companies the huge benefits of providing awesome service.

Therefore, we want to co-create a manifesto, which will highlight the need and the approach for great customer service.

Together, we will then make sure that this manifesto gets huge public attention. And hopefully, we will then collectively work on the transformation of customer service.

We invite you to contribute to this manifesto.

Please send your email details to Jorge Barba ( and/or to Arnold Beekes ( Or, just comment in this post and we’ll add your thoughts.

We will use Google Docs to facilitate the co-creation of this GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE manifesto.

Do you want to be actively involved?

All the best,

Jorge and Arnold

P.S. To jumpstart the discussion, here are some suggestions:

  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • Keep your promises.
  • Your customer is your life. Make him feel like the center of the universe.
  • Always be present.
  • Do it with Love.
  • Be honest.
  • Listen and learn
  • Always do more than expected
  • Have fun in all what you do
  • Help the customer as fast as possible
  • Being friendly is the cornerstone of your relationship with the customer
  • Your problem is ours until it is no longer yours.
  • Always make sure that you minimize your footprint
  • We want your loyalty, not your money
  • Create and communicate WOW. Constantly- Customer Service is a business philosophy, not only a department
  • Genuinely care about customers and their needs – (added by Shaun Belding)
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem – (added by Shaun Belding)
  • Your problem is ours until it is no longer yours
  • We want your loyalty, not your money
  • Create and communicate WOW. Constantly.
  • Listen to the Music (product) and the lyrics (customer feedback) – (added by @Abe_Schmidt)
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