Where do you keep your ideas?

In yesterday’s post I shared my process of how I come up with my best ideas. Today, continuing our series of posts in support of the World Creativity and Innovation Week, the next question has to do with storage.

If you’re like me, and is in brainstorm mode all the time, you have tools to store your ideas. And in the connected world we live in today, these tools are with us all the time.

For example, I’m a heavy user and Advocate of Evernote. It’s become part of my personal learning system, and have written about how Evernote is my Insight Bank. Evernote goes wherever I go via the Evernote app installed on my Android powered smart phone, it syncs with the Evernote app installed on my computer and can even access it through any browser. My notes/ideas are only a click away.

Another tool I still use is the timeless Moleskine and pen. Yup, I own hardcovers and soft covers in both the big and pocket-sized versions. There is a drawback in storing your ideas on a notebook. You can’t organize them as you would on Evernote where you can tag them or add them to separate notebooks. But I’ve found that not having them organized provides one with a very serendipitous experience.

Because you don’t know what to expect, you’ll stumble unto something you were not looking for.

Anyway, knowing where to keep your ideas and keeping them at hand is a talent. That’s why I created my Insight Bank on Evernote. It has notes on problems, opportunities, things I’m looking out for, daily clips or any material that I think will be useful for me at some point.

Now it’s your turn, where do you keep your ideas?

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