Every strategy should Make a Difference

Isn’t it kind of old to see the word ‘differentiate’ on proposals? I mean, any strategy should be different. And adding the words ‘different’ to proposals doesn’t necessarily make it different. Difference is in the actions. Not the words.

Here’s a thought: Let’s frame differentiation as creating memories.

Look at the video below:

See what I mean? Instead of talking about differentiation as a tactic, let’s actually make a difference. Let’s create lasting memories.

An equation: Empathy + Difference Making Attitude =  Lasting Memories.

Here’s a principle: Don’t say you’re different. Make a difference.

Need help? Ask yourself:

  • How does this strategy helps us make a difference?
  • What are we enabling our customers/clients to do?
  • How exactly are we making a difference in our customers lives? In their day? In this moment?

Another thing. If your mindset is of the tactical kind, you’re going to have some trouble answering these questions. That’s because Difference Making is not a tactic. It’s a mindset. You have to really care and want to make a difference.

If this sounds all to emotional for you, it’s time to re-evaluate your values (if you have any).

Hat tip to Innovation Excellence for posting the video: Making memories and motivating loyalty.

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