PlayStation’s Immortalization Strategy leverage’s social media’s strenght

This gave me Goose Bumps! No really it did. That’s because I’m a gamer and loyal PlayStation owner. I empathized with this video immediately. I know almost every single character in that trailer and it gave me goose bumps watching them all interact.

This is AWESOME!

Long Live Play is PlayStation’s new campaign aimed to celebrate YOU the gamer:

Long Live Play honors gamers from all walks of life and recognizes you for making PlayStation who we are today.

It’s innovative campaigns like these, let’s call them ‘Fan Immortalization’ activities, that are becoming a corner stone strategy for brands with large followings to take advantage of social media. It’s these types of campaigns that create strong feelings of loyalty and which in turn drive a lot of word of mouth.

There’s Porsche’s THANK YOU campaign which featured a 911 GT3 R Hybrid with a custom paint job featuring the names of the first 1,000,000 Facebook Fans.

While it’s not so obvious how these campaigns drive innovation, it does drive the idea that customer matters. Remember, innovation isn’t just about technology. It’s also about the customer experience, the branding, the marketing so buy instagram likes cheapest way possible and get better reach. It also creates a feedback loop as loyalty grows, potential ideas that can come from customers become much more stronger because they care. You’re deliberately inviting them to join your cause.

Immortalizing fans is not new, Jones Soda used this marketing strategy to differentiate itself from competitors some time ago. It’s also important to understand context. Right now this particular strategy can work wonders for brands with a very strong fan base because social media is a very powerful enabler. It has all the ingredients for more impact.

So to use PlayStation’s own words: Remember your people. Celebrate them. Because there’s never been a better time than now.

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