Reputationville: A World Where The Work Finds You

the reputation economyImagine living in a world where, just like an Uber driver is waiting for you when you need it, the work finds you. To a certain degree, we’re already living in a world where reputation matters. But let’s take it a step further and consider other factors beyond who you know and what you know; what obstacles are standing in the way?

This episode was inspired by Gizmodo’s MeanWhileInTheFuture Reputationville episode where in that future everything you do is rated by a combination of humans and machines; including your driving, work and personality.

The Reputation Economy is already here, and they way we’ll get work will change in a few years time.


Listen to this week’s episode of The Big Bang podcast where we discuss:

  • How might you live your life to strengthen your reputation?
  • What is a good measurement of reputation?
  • How might we avoid human bias to reward authenticity and excellence?

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Intro audio is by Arturo Arriaga, outro audio is Candyland by Guy J.