What’s a simple way to get started in innovation?

What's a simple way to get started in innovation?

Or should I say, how do you start moving in the direction of making something better? First of all, don’t outsource your creativity to someone else, you already have it. Innovation is a habit, get this in your mind because you WILL have to make some minor changes in your routines.

To change your outcomes, change your routines.

Ok you asked me how. First, I would make sure everyone in the company has a common understanding of what ‘innovation means to you’, and once you get that clear then focus your efforts on the challenges and opportunities your business faces. Like new customer needs and industry problems. (Don’t just say you want innovation, people need to know where they’re going!)

From here it all comes down to:

This is fairly simple and there are more details but I hope you get the point, the main thing is to just get started and get your feet in the pool.

Did I miss something? What would you add?

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