Measuring an innovation ecosystem

how do you measure an innovation ecosytem?

How do you measure an innovation ecosystem?

This is a topic of discussion worth your time. Next week, Thursday February 12 at 9 AM PT, I’ll be co-hosting an #innochat discussion about measuring an innovation ecosystem. If you are new to Innochat, just jump on Twitter and follow the hashtag #innochat to join the discussion.

Hope to see you there 🙂

Here are some questions we’ll use to frame our discussion:

  1. What do you think are the critical components of an innovation ecosystem?
  2. What is the key component to start with if no other components are present?
  3. What cultural characteristics are necessary for an innovation ecosystem to function?
  4. What evidence, individual and/or organizational, will tell us that this culture is developing?
  5. How can we adjust and improve an innovation ecosystem to increase its effectiveness?

As an aside, related to the topic of innovation ecosystems, Up Global recently published a whitepaper where it identifies five key ingredients that make thriving startup ecosystems possible:

five key ingredients that make thriving startup ecosystems possible

You can read the whitepaper below:

[slideshare id=38890511&doc=upglobal-whitepaper-v03-rgb-140909153302-phpapp02]