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Disconnect to reconnect: Important creative habit

terraza en via corporativoAlthough I believe my ability to retain information is pretty good, in recent weeks I’ve felt like it’s been challenged. So, I decided to disconnect from the one source that provides me with most of my information on a daily basis: Twitter.

Information is coming at us from every angle and our cognitive abilities are being challenged by this fast moving world. This makes it very difficult to focus. But focus doesn’t mean paying attention to every single tweet you see, it means disconnecting from it all.

I like to do this at least a few days a month and just slow my mind down. Daydream a little bit and get productive.

Disconnect and let all that information simmer in your head for a little bit. Disconnect at least 15 minutes every day by going to that quiet corner in your office. Go to the park (it there’s one close) to stop thinking about it all.

I go to the top of my office building.

The above picture is from the top of my office building. We have a large terrace at the top which has a suspended running track. That’s right a running track. I use it to walk and take it all in.

It’s beautiful!

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  • Ralph Ohr

    Good idea, Jorge – disconnection and digestion is as important as connection and input.

    Looking forward to the reconnected thoughts – and: I’m actually a bit jealous of your great view and the blue sky. It’s raining today here in Switzerland, thus good time to connect 😉

    Cheers, Ralph

    • Hi Ralph,

      No doubt about it. When our minds are muddy and stuck, the best thing to do is to just go for a walk and disconnect.

      Yeah, I love going for a walk on the roof. It’s different from going out on the street.

      I wouldn’t mind switching places with you and having a look at the Swiss Alps 🙂



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