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Innovation book review: Little Bets by @petersims

Little Bets by Peter Sims

“The side that learns and adapts the fastest often prevails.” – General David Petraeus

You can’t mess with evolution. That’s the message I got from the book Little Bets by Peter Sims.

If you are well versed with the state of current innovation thinking, you will find that the main ideas are heavily influenced by design thinking. This is not a recipe book for design thinking. There are no how to’s. It’s strength lies in it’s synthesis of the main principles of experimental innovation. Today, more commonly known as design thinking.

It’s a well written and engaging book. I read Little Bets in a little over 6 hours. It’s a short read but entertaining read.

What stands out about the book is the distinctive stories and characters Mr. Sims uses to illustrate the main ideas. For example, how Chris Rock tests new jokes in small venues with small audiences before taking them to bigger events. This helps him tests and refine jokes that he knows will resonate with audiences at bigger events. The story of how Pixar’s Toy Story begun from little bets. How the the success of the U.S. Military’s ‘Surge Strategy’ is influenced by Design Thinking.

Must read innovation stories of the week: The innovators Code

This weeks must read story is about the personal characteristics of successful innovators, the Innovators Code. A research study conducted by Jeffrey Dyer, Hal Gregersen found five ‘discovery skills’ that distinguish them. The ability to associate, question, observe, experiment and network.

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IDEO’s Tim Brown Design Thinking Mindmap

Tim Brown on Change By Design from IDEO on Vimeo

IDEO’s Tim Brown discusses his new book, Change by Design, to be released September 29, 2009. To read more about the book, visit http://www.ideo.com/changebydesign/

When we look at the world differently we get to new ideas.

Design thinking is the conversion of need into demand. Need into solution.

I went ahead and copied the Change by Design mindmap, visit for bigger resolution.

design thinking mindmap

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