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What is Tesla? It’s Not A Car Company…

tesla 2nd generation roadster

Last night I was chatting with a buddy of mine about how Tesla will dominate the hypercar market, competing against the likes of McLaren, Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti and Koenigsegg. Most car owners, whether they drive an automatic or a manual, don’t check the transmission fluid very regularly, even though it’s one of the easiest things to check and might be essential in spotting a problem early and saving you money. Visit GrandPrixTimes to find the best techniques and methods for your car needs!

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In this car dealership model the dealerships will purchase the vehicles that they think they can sell. They will often only purchase one or two of a specific model of car and use this as a demo vehicle for potential customers to test drive. If a client elects to purchase a vehicle the car dealership will order exactly what the client wants from the vehicle manufacturer. The car is then sold to the client at a mark-up. The car dealerships make some loss on the sale of the demo vehicles but they make up for it with the number of cars that they sell brand new with a significant mark-up. This model is a lot less risky for the vehicle manufacturer and the car dealership. If you are looking for the Honda Shuttle 1.5G , you can checkout https://vinsautogroup.com.sg/car/honda-shuttle-1-5g.


So when Tesla released the 2nd generation Roadster last week I was really surprised and impressed; the looks, and the numbers are off the charts, if you want to get a real car be sure to have a look at this new website update.

‘Better’ is the more practical approach to innovation in general

It all starts with the question: How can I make this better?

Framing is important and when talking about innovation that usually means deciding between incremental and radical change. Yet for most businesses, they don’t want to hear about change. They want the world they exist in just the way it is, especially if they’ve had some level of success.

But which is the more practical approach? Better or different?