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Innovation requires courage

Yes it does.

And it takes courage to even talk about it in some places.

I was talking to my partners recently about how Tijuana has a somewhat conservative view against creative expression. There’s creativity no doubt, but not of the likes you see in the capital of Mexico. Or Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Francisco and Las Vegas, to use a few examples.

In Tijuana there’s a lot of ‘cross-dressing’. Meaning that businesses change their clothes but not their personality. As a result, the creative expression remains on the surface.

This conversation took us into looking at how an environment influences if people are creative or not, and how that is rewarded. As I explained to them, in my mid twenties I spent every other weekend in Los Angeles. A city with a unique mix of ingredients that spark creativity (and not just because of Hollywood). People would often ask me why I spent so much time there. They assumed it was because of the night life and going to see my favorite international DJ’s perform.

It’s actually because that’s were I felt more creative. I felt released.