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Can mastery and innovation coexist?

Jonathan Fields posted this question in a Psychology Today article last week. Here is my answer and would love to hear yours.

It’s a great question and not at all difficult to answer, though it’s better said than done. First of all, mastery is never achieved. It’s a goal, but a goal we’ll never reach. As much as you think that somebody is  ‘the master’ of something, it’s just a psychological illusion. It’s your human biases at work. It’s an illusion because you’re already thinking that it can’t be improved in some way. And that my friend, is your endgame.

In the world of sports this phenomenon is more obvious, and even the people who are considered the best at what they do will tell you they’re always improving because they know they’ll never fully master their craft.

In the business world it’s not all different. Companies have evolved since forever, some started as a completely different business than what they are today. You may master some process but that process will eventually become irrelevant. It will be replaced by either another process (incremental) or by an unforeseen evolutionary paradigm (disruptive).

Great Career Advice comes in small packages

The Fire Fly Manifesto

I was on Twitter a few hours ago and one of the tweets from was a link to Jonathan Fields new ebook The Fire Fly Manifesto. Just released today!

fire fly manifesto on twitter

It’s packed with great career advice but more importantly life advice. Check out the Intro:

The Thing About My Folks dvdrip

“Whether you flip burgers or swap derivatives, losing a job just plain sucks. I’m not here to tell you otherwise. Especially, when you were following the rules, you did everything right, you worked your ass off, you sacrificed what you really wanted to do for years or decades on the promise of a better life…and still got sacked or, worse, watched your entire company go down in flames.

What’s going on in the world and the economy right now is frightening. Nobody knows when the other shoe will drop, what it will look and feel like when it does, or if another shoe even exists. And, for many of the hundreds of thousands of folks who lost their jobs this year, the position you’ve lost simply doesn’t exist anymore…in any company. So, going back or making a lateral move isn’t an option.

But, I’ve got news for you…

What feels like the end of the the world to you now may, in fact, be the window you’ve dreamed of for decades.

How many of you have spent months or years secretly praying to win the lottery so you could stop doing what you were  doing and finally do what you loved?  How many of you have felt locked into a tired, life-sucking career by a suffocating marriage of golden or lead handcuffs, fear that you’d be judged or ridiculed for changing paths and a life-stifling lack of belief in your ability to make a living doing what you love?

Thing is, if that’s you…

Gone Baby Gone movie

The economy has just served you up a big, fat opportunity!

In fact, you may never get an opening like this again….”

It resonated with me because I’m a believer in working on things you’re passionate about. I believe that If you’re getting up because the alarm clock sounded then it means something is wrong. Get up because you have a purpose to make a difference and can’t wait to get started again!

Now is the time to make things happen, opportunities might not be clear to some, all I can say is that by the time this “crisis” is over life will be much different for those who challenged the status quo.

Dream, create, explore, imagine, pioneer. Do these words describe what you do? If not then you’re already irrelevant.

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