How AI Is Changing Our Lives

Artificial intelligence is one of the major technologies powering the next industrial revolution. The concept which was conceived 75 years ago is starting to change the way we relate to machines.

According to a well-detailed infographic on the evolution of artificial intelligence, the projected value of the AI software market in 2025 would have grown to $59.8 billion. As such, companies are increasingly adopting AI technology as no one wants to be left behind when the AI gold rush begins. In the last decade, artificial intelligence has found its way into almost every sector of our economy. We shall be highlighting the ways AI is changing our day to day lives.

AI Is Changing the Way We Travel

I am sure you must have watched one of those futuristic movies where cars are commandeered by AIs. Chances are this will no more be fiction in the near future as the automotive industry is increasingly adopting AI technology. Therefore, AI has gradually moved from driver assistance systems like speech recognition, navigation and driver condition assessment to more complex applications like a fully autonomous AI driven car. However, some factions have raised concerns over the efficacy of the decision-making process utilized by a self-driven car. Nevertheless, AI’s contribution to the automotive industry has changed our perspective on the limitations of automobiles.

AI Is Changing the Way We Socialize

Social media sites and apps are heavily utilizing artificial intelligence technology. However, the majority of users are oblivious to this as we believe that they are just mere improved features. Facebook uses AI for friend suggestions and photo recognition, while Microsoft is working on using AI to provide real-time translation on Skype. In addition, companies are utilizing chatbots in their customer support systems. As a result, AI has become a central piece of the social networking system.

Ai Is Changing the Way We Shop

Retailers are increasingly utilizing AI to improve sales, reduce operating cost, and to revamp customers’ experience. At the moment, stores are optimizing search recommendations, product stocking, and customer support with AI technology. At the moment, Walmart uses AI to efficiently distribute and stock goods in its stores while Amazon is on the verge of rolling out autonomous goods delivery drones.  A delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle used to transport packages, medical supplies, food, or other goods. Drones may be remotely piloted or autonomous. In November, 2020 the FAA proposed airworthiness criteria for type certification of delivery drones with an intent to initialize commercial operations. It’s true that drones are a new technology, and many of the rules of drone piloting are not set yet. However, if you work for a video production company, a Commercial drone license canada can help you to capture types of footage that you might not otherwise have access to.

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AI Is Changing the Way We Do Business

Digital enterprises have successfully structured their organization with AI technology, and this trend is gradually finding its way into traditional companies. Companies are introducing AI to their customer support, security systems, fraud detection mechanisms, sales tracking tools, and the automation of some tasks. The emergence of chatbots and virtual assistants are playing vital roles in the optimization of existing business models. Earlier this year, Coca Cola used an AI-powered product analysis to launch a new product. Therefore, the retail industry has recognized the opportunities embedded in AI technology. And, shopping at physical and online stores is now relatively easy and fun with point of purchase equipment.

AI Is Changing the Way We Do Politics

Politics have evolved over the years as politicians have realized that social media is key to the outcome of elections. As a result of this, it has become rampant for political parties use bots to flood the internet with political and campaign ads. This has led to a number of studies and probes focusing on the impact of AI technology on the outcome of past elections. For example, Sky News partnered with the Center for Analysis of Social Media (CASM) to analyze the effect of automated Twitter accounts (bots) on the UK’s 2017 general elections.


Artificial intelligence is all around us. The way we communicate and do business is currently influenced by various artificial intelligent systems. Also, current technology trends show that in the near future, AIs will heavily influence our day-to-day activities. For more amazing facts on technological trends like Big Data, AI and cloud storage, you should visit

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