Skills Come And Go, Your Attitude Is A Renewable Resource

This blog is all about being a game-changer, a difference maker. In this path skills matter, but attitude is even more important. Skills are hard to acquire and develop, it takes time to master something; but you don’t have to work for attitude.

So, why am I writing this?

Picture this…

You meet with a prospect, they’re interested in what you’re doing and want to see more; great. They ask for a demo, you promise to get back to them within a week for a follow up meeting. All good, but the person on the team responsible for preparing the demo for the next meeting is a flake; his follow through sucks. You have to post-pone the follow up meeting, by making up a sad excuse.

With that said, a few questions for you: Do you like it when someone promises to get back to you and never does? Do you do this yourself?

I’ve written extensively about “follow through“, because I’m highly intolerant for the lack of it; there are no 2nd chances with me on that front. Someone who promises something and then doesn’t come back with a response tells me they’re not accountable. A friend of mine told me once that “lack of follow through and accountability” is an epidemic; I believe her.

I know, there may be a specific reason for it but people can think you don’t care if you don’t say anything. I know there are many people out there who say things just to say things, to get along or whatever. But you never know who you’ll meet next and, like me, they could have very low tolerance for lack of follow through; and then you missed an opportunity.

You can’t promise people something and then not follow through on that. As the saying goes, “you don’t a second chance to make a first impression”.

Accountability and follow through go hand in hand. You have to have both; all the time. Not when you feel like it, or when it suits you. This is a life lesson more so than a business lesson. Relationships are everything, today, tomorrow and forever. Most people will never be the best at something, it takes hard work and time, but everyone can have a great attitude; it will open doors forever.

Remember: Specific skills come and go, your attitude is a renewable resource.

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