What Would Happen If We All Unplugged For One Week?

What would happen if we all unplugged for one week?

No blogs, no status updates, no snaps, no pins, no shares, no tweets; nothing. What happens if we take a digital detox?

What happens, just like I mentioned on our previous episode where we discussed whether or not technology is making us dumber, is all about choice. At some point we all need to step away from distractions, sit back and relax and just be alone, which means we need to unplug; it’s good for us.

So, what happens if we all unplugged for a week? Nothing. Yes, people will grow anxious, irritated from having actual conversations where they can’t fake their true emotions, but overall nothing will happen; unless they decide to use the extra time to develop new thoughts and take new actions.

For something to happen, people would need to supplant the fear of missing out with new and exciting activities.

The truth is as much as we need to socialize, we need to be alone. Personally, I don’t have issues with unplugging. I like solitude, which has given me perspective on how to best use my time because just like the food we decide to eat, the same applies with the content and information we decide to pay attention to and mindful about the quantity and quality of solitude we experience on a daily basis.

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Intro audio is by Arturo Arriaga, outro audio is Candyland by Guy J.