What if instead of students choosing a college major, they chose a mission?

rethink educationThe existing school system was designed to provide diplomas so people can get jobs; it’s safe to say that this model is no longer relevant. School isn’t working for most people, for example, most people don’t end up doing what they went to school for. And, frankly, most people are unhappy in their jobs.

A new concept is needed; urgently.

One pet peeve I have about the way education works is people are taught what to think; not how to think. Again, the reason this is so is because education’s value proposition is to deliver a diploma so you can get a job.

Around the world, there are various efforts being launched to counter the traditional education model. From Finland’s move to a topical approach, to replacing textbooks with adaptive learning software, one where students create their own curriculum; and a hybrid model where you learn from a wide range of sources; not to mention MOOC’s.

Many ideas aiming to answer the question: What does the future of education look like?

Education: From Major To Mission

On this episode we discuss an alternative idea: educating oneself to attain a personal mission, not getting a major to get a job.

So, imagine a future where, based on their mission, students would pick and choose their own curriculum to achieve their mission; they would also choose their teachers.

Specifically, on this episode we discuss:

  • What happens when most fields don’t exist?
  • What is the role of teachers?
  • What if students created their own curriculum?
  • Why specialization leads to mediocrity.
  • The skills – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, leading – will always be relevant today and in the future.
  • What would people do if they didn’t have to make a living?

We believe that ultimate goal of education has to be reframed from a concept that teaches one not to fail to one that inspires you to be an infinite learner.

What do you believe is the future of education?

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