Three common mistakes that innovators make when creating new markets

Take care of the basics. Sometimes we don’t and get ourselves into trouble; especially when trying to create a new market. As innovators, when it comes to trying to help people understand how our idea can address an unmet need, we make some critical mistakes.

Here are three that are very common:

  • Mistake #1 – Falling in love with our idea. We fall so deeply in love with our idea that we end up talking too much and stop listening to customers.
  • Mistake #2 – Being too product focused. We forget that it’s not about our product or service, it’s about the customer. Customers care most about themselves.
  • Mistake #3 – Not asking the right questions. We shouldn’t expect our customer to predict what they will need in the future. The customer is too focused on their day-to-day concerns.

Basic stuff, but still worth repeating. Here are 20 more mistakes innovators make in (PDF)!

What other common mistakes do innovators make?