Innovation = reducing errors + increasing insights

Improving Performance

To improve performance, we need to do two things. The down arrow is what we have to reduce, errors. The up arrow is what we have to increase, insights. Performance improvement depends on doing both of these things.

We tend to look for ways to eliminate errors. That’s the down arrow. But if we eliminate all errors we haven’t created any insights. …

Ideally, reducing mistakes would at least help us gain insights but I don’t believe that’s how it works. I suspect the relation between the arrows runs the other way. When we put too much energy into eliminating mistakes, we’re less likely to gain insights. Having insights is a different matter from preventing mistakes.

When I showed this slide in my seminars, I got a lot of head nods. The participants agreed that their organizations were all about the down arrow. They felt frustrated by organizations that stifled their attempts to do a good job. Their organizations hammered home the message of reducing mistakes, perhaps because it is easier for managers to cut down on mistakes than to encourage insights. Mistakes are visible, costly, and embarrassing.

This is the innovation dilemma most organization face, manage the present while also creating the future: exploitation vs discovery.

Most organizations are good at efficiency, aka “reducing errors”, but not so good at discovering the future. Indeed, by only focusing on reducing errors, organizations hinder discovering the new. To innovate, this is the type of inertia that organizations need to be overcome.

Ways to Innovate Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Lets face it, realtors and home buyers are increasingly looking online for their real estate information, with over 90% of home buyers starting their search online. However if you’re a real estate business owner, building your online platform with a value-packed website on a real estate plugin site where you can build your brand and tell your story in your own words is your best bet for creating a growing real estate business. Whether looking for information about listings or searching up where the best neighborhood to raise a family is, homebuyers are increasingly turning online first for information before turning to an agent, check out the best fort worth corporate apartments.

Showing why it’s more vital than ever for real estate agents to incorporate an online strategy into their real estate business, that focuses on directing homebuyers to your site and your listings. Property owners can also hire property managers North Shore to help them find potential tenants quicker. Then, with the help of reliable moving services, the new tenants will be able to transfer all his belongings. You can visit this page if you’re in search of moving services that provide top quality, professional packing and moving services at competitive prices.

Here are three ways you can start improving your online marketing strategy today!

  1. Get Online: Social Media

Everyone knows social media has come to dominate many peoples lives, as it offers endless flows of information and entertainment, this provides great opportunities for interaction with customers and ample opportunities for promotion. But make note, don’t solely rely on your social media accounts. Use your social media accounts to post content, interesting links, deals in the area and resources for your city or neighborhood, whether its related to real estate or not. Social media marketing aids in developing a relationship with your followers and encourages people to come back as your content is fresh and more than just house listings; While also aiding in creating authority for your pages and your brand.

  1. Make Use Of Your Website. Or Make One Now!

A personal website is central to generating leads, not only is it a personal space for you to provide access to your listings, but it is also a valuable space for you to provide content about your neighborhood, real estate information and to answer questions! The key is your providing content that promotes yourself and your brand in a subtle way, encouraging interested users to come back, while also boosting your search ranks at the same time. This is helps build authority and trust between you and your clients, emphasizing the importance of content in your marketing strategy. So get creating online and start spreading valuable information.

  1. Create a Target Market

Building on the importance of content, it is also important to find yourself a niche in which you can build authority, whether its commercial real estate or gardening, pick a niche and write good content on it. Choosing a niche or creating one is a powerful way for you to market yourself, as people will slowly come to you for your knowledge. This is a great brand strategy as you put yourself at the forefront of your niche, creating a likeable brand, which people associate with your chosen field.

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