Poetic Action Movement in Tijuana

This is a guest post by my buddy Alejandra Lopez, @thisisallyg. Please watch the video at the end of this post.

Finally, the project I’ve been doing for so long is finished! Let’s start this blog post with the day I was happily Tumblrin’ on Tumblr and suddenly I start to see all these pictures of “Poetic Actions” which lead me to Wikipedia because the poetry was just so beautiful:

The Poetics Action Movement is a public poetry project started in Monterrey, Mexico in 1996. Founded by Mexican poet Armando Alanís and involves painting fences and walls of the city in a kind of poetic graffiti way.

These phrases are usually about love or deep optimist words, or phrases representing actual situations in life; there are also song lyrics and phrases by the own Alanís, as well as other famous writers.

After finding out about this and knowing its existence, I started becoming obsessed with these words. Me and my friend, Dani, started liking them more and more everyday; and it was (and still is) a truly inspiration to us.

One day, I was driving home and went down a bridge (one that I never go under) and BOOM! I saw one of these beautiful phrases! “RESPIRO TU NOMBRE” (“I breathe your name”) I started going crazy. A few miles away BAM! Another one! “DILO SIN DECIRLO“. (Say it without saying it) How was it possible that I had never seen these before? Poetic Actions in my own city!! Aaaaah!


All of this happened at the same time I was starting my new YouTube Channel, so one day out of nowhere, my friend Dani says: “Hey! I got an idea for a video! What if we go on a hunting trip, searching for Poetic Actions all over the city to know how many we can find and take pictures of them?!” (Since she’s a photographer) From that moment on, her amazing idea started to mix up with more ideas that were coming up, until the final idea came to life: Doing a Poetic Actions video to discover how many we could find in our city, Tijuana.

We started our look out on December 1st of 2012 and, having success on finishing before the New Year, we finished on December 23rd. We filmed again on December 28th because we came across two more phrases on our way to bowling.

With a total of 25 Poetic Actions, I present you our finished project: POETICS ACTION MOVEMENT. I hope you enjoy it!

1. RESPIRO TU NOMBRE (I breathe your name) 10. NUNCA ES TARDE (It’s never late) 18. SOMOS GENTE PASANDO (We’re people passing)
2. SIEMPRE HAY TIEMPO (There’s always time) 11. A VECES TE QUIERO SIEMPRE (Sometimes I love you always) 19. YA NO TE VUELVAS A IR (Don’t ever leave again)
3. BESARTE SIN PRISA (Kissing you with no rush) 12. FALTAS Y TODO ME SOBRA (You’re missing and I have everything left) 20. EL FUTURO NOS OBSERVA (The future is watching us)
4. FUISTE EXACTA (You were exact) 13. SIEMPRE ES HOY (It’s always today) 21. ATRÁPAME EN TUS SUEÑOS (Catch me in your dreams)
5. GÁSTAME LOS LABIOS (Waste my lips) 14. SOMOS INSTANTES (We’re moments) 22. DILO SIN DECIRLO (Say it without saying it)
6. YA ES HORA (Now it’s the time) 15. TU BOCA CONVOCA (Your mouth calls) 23. MÁS AMOR POR FAVOR (More love please)
7. SOMOS EL PRESENTE NO EL FUTURO (We are the present not the future) 16. HAGAMOS ALMA (Let’s do soul) 24. QUISIERA PARECERME A LOS SECRETOS (I wish I was like secrets)
8. EXISTO CUANDO PIENSO EN TI (I exist when I think of you) 17. SIN TI YO NO (Without you I don’t) 25. SE QUE EXISTO SI ME NOMBRAS (I know I exist if you call my name)
9. MANIPULAS MI DESEO (You manipulate my desire)



¿Qué le pasa a mi camión? (What’s happening to my truck?) Disfruta (Enjoy) Paz en el universo (Peace in the universe)
Piensa un poco (Think a little) Disfruta estar vivo (Enjoy being alive) La musica rompe fronteras (Music breaks borders)
Calma (Keep calm) Lo imposible: sólo tarda un poco más (The impossible: just takes a little more time)

This video was a total adventure, and I filmed every moment I could. You can see in this next video behind the scenes and everything we had to do to get to some phrases. I don’t regret anything, and I would do it all over again in another city if I could.

Soon, all of the pictures taken of the phrases, will be published on Dani’s tumblr, clicking here. I’ll let you know via Twitter when they’re up 😉

If you liked the video please share it, talk about it, like it, spam it over all our social networks and subscribe to my channel because there a lot more video coming up! 🙂

Thank you for reading and watching our video!

With love, – Ally.

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Click here for video 2.

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