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Poetic Action Movement in Tijuana

This is a guest post by my buddy Alejandra Lopez, @thisisallyg. Please watch the video at the end of this post.

Finally, the project I’ve been doing for so long is finished! Let’s start this blog post with the day I was happily Tumblrin’ on Tumblr and suddenly I start to see all these pictures of “Poetic Actions” which lead me to Wikipedia because the poetry was just so beautiful:

The Poetics Action Movement is a public poetry project started in Monterrey, Mexico in 1996. Founded by Mexican poet Armando Alanís and involves painting fences and walls of the city in a kind of poetic graffiti way.

These phrases are usually about love or deep optimist words, or phrases representing actual situations in life; there are also song lyrics and phrases by the own Alanís, as well as other famous writers.