To innovate come up with your own unique WHY

Well, well, well. The truth speaks.

It’s been over a week and my post on why ‘WHY?’ is the most important question you should ask is still getting a lot of attention. WHY am I not surprised 🙂

Keith Bickel posted an interesting and important comment:

Ouch, you’ve triggered a massive facial tic and probably some PTSD with your truth on “why” being the most important question.  My dissertation advisor never let anyone progress to their dissertation until they had come up with their own unique “why” question to power their research.  He was utterly uninterested in “how,” because he thought that led to superficial answers, as you’ve mentioned.

I like to tell clients that they should view all these trend predictions objectively. That they should come up with their own conclusions. In essence, to come up with their own unique ‘why’.

Remember: Perception separates the innovator from the imitator.