Find the revolution in constraints

Before I fell in love with technology my intent was to become an architect. Because of this I have an acute sensitivity with architects, so when I heard about the ideas of Bjarke Ingels a few years ago I was blown away.

When we think about innovation we talk about thinking outside the box so we can replace the existing box. But in doing so we sometimes completely forget about using the constraints of the existing box for inspiration. Thinking outside the box is just looking for solutions in other boxes and integrating/combining those ideas into the existing box to make a different and better box.

Watch these series of videos and notice how many times Bjarke works with contraints to create something revolutionary while not even attempting to do so.

Evolution leads to Revolution

Creative constraints as the BIG idea

Key point: Constraints help you focus on what matters. Then you can look beyond them in other boxes to see how you can re-arrange, re-imagine you existing box.

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